We are Commtel, proud of who we are & what we do.

Customer elation is our only goal and we seek to always exceed their expectations. We achieve that goal by adopting a team ethos where we all work together using our initiative and a solution based approach.

We will invest in our employees with training and self development programmes so that we all reach our full potential.

What We Do

Our vision is to continue to lead the market in door entry and access control solutions. We cater for domestic, commercial and public sector applications, making entry and exit systems ranging from a simple one button unit to completely bespoke systems which are managing multiple access points, for thousands of visitors . . . and everything in-between!

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution for each project. We'd love to see how we can help you!

Our Journey

We were challenged to find a cost effective solution for a small residential area that wanted to retro fit gates and with an intercom system.

In the 1980's, the only option was to dig up the roads and install a hardwired system, making the whole project too complex and expensive.

There was an opportunity to use the technology of the day to find a viable solution, by utilising the existing telephone network and linking it to an access control system. Costs were dramatically reduced and the first Telguard unit was born. With full BABT approval Commtel Limited was incorporated in 1992, selling the Telguard range of products.

Operating in an ever-changing environment, our Research & Development Department keeps us at the forefront of technology.

Our Progress

As a leading British manufacturer of intercoms we have continued to develop innovative solutions to meet the demands of our customers over the last 28 years. From the initial idea back in 1992 for landline based technology, to the launch of our most recent 4G LTE products in 2020, we have always strived to provide the class leading performance and reliability that sets us out from the crowd.


BABT Approval

First to market with full BABT approval for our landline based intercom systems.


Surrey Business Awards

As a recognition of the ground breaking technology Commtel won the highly coveted Innovation Award for its Telguard product.

1997 - 2005

Telguard Range Diversified

On going research and development led to a number of products being launched in response to market led demand.


GSM Based Solutions

Great leaps in technology meant that we were able to launch our GSM based range giving greater flexibility and fuss free installation. Still our most popular platform it continues to evolve.


Hy Can PCB's

Our fully self-programmable PCB was launched into the market, and what a storm it caused!


TG Telecom

Not all SIM cards are created equally! TG Telecom was launched, offering tailored telephony solutions to integrate seamlessly with your Commtel product.


Display Tags

The original version of our Display Tag product took name plate windows to a whole new level! Re-programmable LCD screens next to each button means no more messy writing, sticky labels or replacement faceplates!


Hub Dialler

Demand for full access control without the audio requirement led to the development of the Telguard Hub Dialler, a comprehensive and reliable GSM dialler solution.


ML Range

The famous Multi Layer range of products was launched, offering affordable and stylish GSM intercom solutions.



Developed with the installer in mind we created the Optimus range of entry-level GSM distribution products.


Command & Programming Apps

Enhancing installers and end users experiences.


4G LTE Products Launched

One of the first intercom manufacturers to move our GSM products over to 4G! We developed a range of products to provide a future-proofed solution, easing the issues caused by the 2G & 3G Sunset.


Online Shop Launch

The introduction of our online shop provided our customers with a more convenient way to purchase replacement parts! We then expanded this to include our ML Range in 2020!



2016’s Hub Dialler just grew up! Now 4G LTE with increased aux inputs and SMS alert functionality for improved security and peace of mind.


Telguard & Optimus Ranges Expanded

The Display Tag, ML Senior & ML Millennium got a bit of a make-over, with the addition of the Vario and Telpad II!



Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our new cloud management platform!


We have been working with installers for over 25 years, supplying and supporting our Telguard entry systems. We will work with you to fully understand your client’s needs and recommend the product best suited to them. With unrivalled customer and programming support, we will be there with you every step of the way! To find out more please visit our Telguard site or contact our team on sales@telguard.co.uk.

UK Distributors

Our Optimus range of GSM entry systems have been specifically designed with the installers in mind, easy to install and easy to programme. If you are a UK based distributor looking for a market leading brand to add to your portfolio, please visit our Optimus site or contact our team on info@optimus-uk.com for more information.

International Distributors

Due to the increased demand for our products abroad we have now added a dedicated Asia Pacific Sales and Support Consultant to our team to provide realtime support in a genuine growth area.

We have a number of partners around the world but are always looking to increase our international presence, we are keen to work with companies that share our values. Please contact us on info@optimus-uk.com for more information.

Commtel Partners

Are you looking for something specific for your business? Telguard Technologies have worked with a number of clients within the access and security arena to develop products for their own unique market place. Our Research & Development experts love a challenge and have designed and created a number of bespoke products for our OEM partners. Contact us to see if we can help your business too.

Telguard Technologies

Innovation and convergence of technologies have been a significant strength of Commtel Ltd. Soon after the landline solution was brought to market, fully mobile GSM, UMTS and LTE based solutions were developed and have remained the cornerstone of the Telguard range of Communications, Command and Control products. Customers include Government institutions, universities and schools, commercial and industrial facilities and office, residential complexes and single family homes.

Today the core technology of the Telguard range is licenced to other companies and, through OEM agreements, has provided a quicker time to market and game changing solutions through incorporating Telguard Technologies core assemblies and features into their product solutions.

Product Support

We are incredibly proud of our products and want to make sure that our customers and their clients are too. Our products are sent out as complete kits, with everything you need to get started including SIM cards specifically designed for use with entry systems. Visit Telguard Telecom for further information.

Our Customer Service team are there to help get your unit programmed, commissioned and running smoothly, and we can offer a range of warranties covering everything from programming to parts and everything in-between. Ask one of our team for more information!

Returns Note

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